Hughes Mushrooms

Filled Full Of

  • Garlic &
    Cream Cheese

    Cups topped
    with parsley

    These youthful closed cups both support and absorb the deliciously distinctive flavour of fresh garlic, while a gentle blanket of cream cheese and breadcrumbs adds a gentle calm to the situation.

    Goats Cheese
    & Red Pepper

    Portabella's topped with lattice pastry

    Goats are great and so is goat’s cheese. With a distinctly sharp yet salty flavour, this tasty cheese is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of ripe red peppers and topped off with a crispy golden light pastry lattice - all supported on a soft, flavoursome, mighty meaty Portabello mushroom.

    Leek & Wensley -dale

    White flats
    topped with
    parsley &
    cheddar crumb

    Like the onion’s milder, less angry little brother, the leek’s gentle oniony flavour goes brilliantly with this Wensleydale crumb. Paired with plenty of parsley and placed on one of our mighty mushrooms it’s a great healthy choice for even the most fussy family member.

    Spiced Mexican Bean

    with 3
    cheese melt

    Brilliant for all burrito nuts, this lightly spiced refried mexican bean mix is topped with a winning three cheese mixture. Filled with fibre and flavour, this is a winning dinner for all Mexican food fans.

  • Beetroot & Chilli Chutney

    topped with creamy feta cheese

    By balancing the sweetness of fruity beetroot and mango chutneys, the delicious heat of fresh chilli and the tasty saltiness of feta cheese, these delicious Portabella mushrooms are the stuff of dinner dreams.

    Sun-dried Tomato & Chilli Cream Cheese

    Cups topped with parsley crumb

    Probably the ultimate recipe for lovers of Mediterranean flavour: you’ll adore the sweet sundried tomato combined with beautifully balanced chilli cream cheese, all topped-off with a crispy seasoned crumb. That’s what we call ‘amore’!

    Caramal-ised Sweet Onion

    Portobellos topped with smoked Apple-wood cheese

    The rich, sweet spice of this onion chutney and peppers is perfectly balanced with the salty, creamy texture of the blue cheese for an extra full and extra flavoursome FilledFullOf.

    Spicy Ratat-ouille & Cheddar

    Portobellos topped with cheddar crumb

    With a rich and spicy traditional Niçoise tomato and herb sauce, layered over slow-cooked diced peppers, onions and courgettes and then covered in a crispy coating of fresh cheddar and parsley breadcrumbs, we’ve brought some of the continent to these Portobellos.

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