Hughes Mushrooms

Toasted ciabatta mushrooms

1. Prepare mushrooms. 

2. Heat oil and butter in a large pan, add mushrooms and stir-fry until golden brown and moisture has evaporated. 

3. Meanwhile toast ciabatta. Spread ricotta cheese over ciabatta. 

4. Stir parsley and balsamic vinegar into mushrooms.  

5. Place a piece of ciabatta on each plate and top with mushrooms.


Portions: 2

Calories 325

Fat: 24g

225g (8oz) closed cup mushrooms, quartered

120g (4oz) mixed oyster mushrooms, torn

15ml (1 tablesp) olive oil

25g (1oz) butter

2 slices of ciabatta bread 

125g (4oz) ricotta cheese

15ml (1 tablesp) chopped flat-leaved parsley

2.5ml (½  teasp) balsamic vinegar